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Senior Manager of Engineering
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This is an opportunity to work with one of the worldś pioneers in rural electrification in an entrepreneurial role in a challenging environment. Husk Power Systems is one of the most visible social enterprises in the world. The successful candidate will be given a high degree of responsibility and an attractive remuneration package.

HPS Company Description:

  • Established in 2008, by pioneering individuals in Bihar, India. HPS has established a global footprint of more than 80 plants in India, Uganda and Tanzania.
  • HPS installs and operates mini biomass power plants (15-250 kW) and solar micro-grids (20 KW) in remote rural electricity deficient villages. Currently serves over 300 villages, an estimated 20,000 households and 200,000 individuals.
  • Successfully built a scalable platform in the rural Indian market, proven by over 60 months of operating experience and an employee base of more than 250 people.
  • Focused on inclusive rural development on the backbone of electric power, HPS has developed business models whereby interested locals may partner to take complete ownership of the plant.
  • Managed by a passionate team of founders and professionals, HPS is funded by a great pool of investors: Draper, Fisher & Jurvetson (DFJ), Cisco, Acumen Fund, Shell Foundation, LGT VP, Bamboo Finance, IFC and Ministry of new and renewable energy.
  • Aims to maintain its leadership position in the field of rural electrification using micro and mini-grids by catering to more than 3,000 villages globally in next 5 years.

  • Job Description

    Husk Power Systems Pvt. Ltd is seeking an experienced person for the role of Senior Manager of Engineering and R&D for managing technology solutions related to biomass gasification system (gasifier, filters and engine) and Solar PV technology.

    Through a respectful, constructive and energetic style, guided by the objectives of company, this position provides technology leadership and management necessary to ensure that the company has proper product enhancements and new product design and development processes. This position is enabling the company to grow companyś unique and patentable portfolio of products.

    This position is suitable for someone who has a solid understanding of fundamentals in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical / Electronics Engineering. The person should be good at a planning process and should be conversant with a data-driven dashboard to manage development process.

    The position may be based in any city in India and will involve extensive travel in the rural areas and possibly different parts of the world, including Tanzania and Uganda.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer.
  • Lead a team of 5-7 engineers.
  • Spearhead the planning process to develop right product that includes highly reliable, low cost and low maintenance biomass gasification power plant.
  • Manage the process of product enhancements for Gasifier, Filter and possibly Control System.
  • Create an environment where decision making process is completely based on data-driven management.
  • Ensure product quality. Direct the timely resolution of all product liability issues. Comply with State regulations. Minimize legal exposure and/or liabilities of the corporations.
  • Review project requirements, RFPś and proposals.
  • Facilitate final sign-offs with engineering firms, and client representatives.
  • Performing wire sizing and voltage drop calculations
  • Plan various levels of training programs for operators, mechanics and engineers (both mechanical and electrical engineering related training).
  • Conduct cost benefit analyses of currently used technology and propose a plan of action to optimize the performance, cost and reliability of power plants, mini-grids and pre-paid metering system.
  • Create thought leadership (write white papers and blogs) with technology as a key to making de-centralized power generation and distribution as a way to ̀ ̀ light up the world ́ ́.
  • Develop IP for Husk Power Systems around mini/micro grids that are powered by Biomass Power Plants and Solar PV plants.
  • Implement and sustain a culture of continuous improvement and expense reduction.
  • Drive the Performance Management System to ensure optimal growth of the employees and the company.
  • Represent the company at different forums and receive dignitaries in the company.
  • Most importantly, motivating and driving the entire team in the spirit of a revolution.

  • Requirements

  • Build and deliver a technology roadmap (based on input from customers, operations, and biz dev) to ensure the right product for our unique customer environment.
  • Develop and implement best practice processes for R&D and Engineering activities.
  • Ability to implement frugal design innovations suitable for rugged conditions requiring high reliability and low cost. Rapid prototyping capability is preferred.
  • Strong knowledge of statistical analysis is desired.
  • Strong knowledge of (and experience implementing) quality management systems.
  • Ability to motivate and keep the team focused on delivering to an agreed set of deliverables.
  • Excellent oral and writing skills, with fluency in English.
  • Sounds knowledge of Project management, including uses of tools like Gantt Chart etc.
  • Ability to adapt your communication style appropriately to suit a wide range of stakeholders: from field-level employees to experienced engineers to senior management team.
  • You will need to have a high degree of professionalism and discipline.
  • Highly conscious of cost, quality and personal accountability.
  • Ability to work under pressure and to deadline in an independent capacity. You will not be micro-managed and will need to be a self-starter and self-motivator, working effectively with minimal direction.
  • Ability to multi-task: you will be juggling multiple assignments in parallel and will need to prioritize effectively.

  • Qualifications

  • 5+ yearś experience in mechanical design and development (e.g. automobile industry, oil & gas industry)
  • Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering; Masters is preferred.
  • Hands-on experience of engine and gasifier system is preferred.
  • Excellent oral and writing skills, with fluency in English.
  • Have a high degree of professionalism and discipline.
  • Ability to work under pressure and to deadline in an independent capacity. To be a self-starter and self-motivator, working effectively with minimal direction.
  • Passion for rural development.

  • Remuneration

    The remuneration and growth opportunities for the position include (but not limited to)-
  • Annual Remuneration: competitive salary, commensurate with experience.
  • Variable Remuneration: potential for significant annual bonus based on delivery against performance.
  • Attractive growth in salary.
  • Health Insurance.

  • To Apply

    Please send your CV along with a covering letter explaining why you are interested in the role to Manoj Sinha
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